Monday, September 3, 2007

What's 20% off half-price?

About 60 bucks.

Every Labor Day weekend, my favorite book store has a sale. I was able to show some self control this year. I've learned my lesson. I ain't playin' "mine's bigger than yours" with Tam. I'll keep what pride I still have. But I wanted to show off my recent conquests.
The Heinlein and Cherryh are mine. (Alas, no Pratchett. They only had a couple of titles and they were from the middle of a series.)
The true crime and Mayan history are for momma.
DaughterQuatro bought a diary. (The blue book.) She can't write yet but that won't stop her from filling this book with her hieroglyphes.
DaughterTres got a book on codes and cyphers. She wants to be a spy.
The Horror Tales was DaughterDos' choice.
Of course, SonUno had to break ranks and get a Dragonball video.
The real find is on the bottom. Shelby Foote. They didn't have the whole series so I just got volume 1.

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  1. Waaant.

    Also, good for DaughterDos. I've been addicted to horror and fantasy since I could read.

    Shelby Foote... brings back memories. My dad played the book-on-tape versions of his work one memorable roadtripping summer. I was on the verge of insanity at the time, but it sure made my American History class go like a breeze a few years later.


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