Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snoozing Woozle

Meet the newest member of the D4 household:
Grrr T. Wozzle


  1. What, no real name yet or shall we call him Grrrrr?

  2. My son tells me I spelled it wrong. Gir is a web comic.
    The hyper little robot dude is Gir.

  3. What is that???

    Is it a ferret?

    It looks cute, but somehow I think that's a really rare "resting" photo.

  4. Yeah, it's a ferret.
    The have two speeds: Overdrive and Park. When they crash, they crash hard!
    Mommaquatro(who is NOT a pet person) came into the garage(my smoking place) carrying Mr. Wozzle. She was convinced that he was dead and wanted to get him to me before the kids saw.
    I'm working on some video of wozzle in overdrive mode.


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