Thursday, August 16, 2007

CSM Quickie, No Shit*

CSM: “I’m sorry sir, Black & Decker stopped making this drill in 1985. Since this store didn’t open until 1990, you’ll have to take it back to the store you bought it from.”
CAR: “But I didn’t buy it from a Walmart. I thought you people stood behind your products!”
CSM: ! speechless

*I didn't know when the drill was made but the lifer in the hardware department did.


  1. I had a friend who used Walmart return department as a retail outlet. She returned everything she grew out of or just did not like to Walmart whether it was purchased there or not. She said she got credit for the stiff 9 out of 10 times.
    Intrigued by this, I spent some time observing for myself. Lady comes to counter with 2 boxes of valanced shutters(oak finish). Service rep opens box, removes similar shutters, painted puke green and battered by years of use. "What seems to be the problem?" asks CSR.
    "They're the wrong color." states customer.
    Swear to god, this is true.

  2. muninn,
    The drill in question was rusted solid: The chuck wouldn't open and the shaft wouldn't turn.
    Sad but true, if the guy had brought it back in a box with a readable bar code, he probably would have been given credit for a new drill.

  3. Wow. I know someone who thinks a swell idea would be to furnish their newly-rented house in the essentials from Wal-Mart, then return it all as she finds cheaper stuff at thrift stores and garage sales. She honestly thinks it's okay because it's Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart is evil.

    But naked greed beats retarded rationalization any day.

  4. Naked Greed.
    I have their greatest hits cd.
    But the live stuff sucks :>)

  5. Not a Walmart story, but nonetheless true. My wife and I got a 2 year work gig near Wash.DC. We rented an apartment there and decided to furnish it exclusively from the Dollar Store near our house in West Virginia. As we were waiting in line with two shopping carts full of genuine West Virginia Dollar Store Crap, the lady behind us says,"Aw, thats so cute, yer kids are gittin' their first trailer!"


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