Saturday, August 25, 2007

A note on my Blogroll

You may have noticed a pattern, or not.
It wasn't intentional in the beginning; I just added the blogs I read daily as they occured to me. When I realized how it was shaping up, I decided to just go with it.
So I'd add AD or Marko or Jeff but they don't fit the theme right now.

And the theme pleases me.


  1. What, I need boobs to be on your blogroll???

    I've got boobs! I just can't lactate!

    Isn't this reverse discrimination?

    It's that glass ceiling for male bloggers, isn't it?


  2. Glass ceiling?
    I appreciate the flattery dude but since I'm a few lightning bolts short of being an insignificant microbe...
    The glass cook top?
    The glass coffee table?
    The glass basement?


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